Colours 2018 is on!

Travel update - indications are that there are no rail cancellations and replacement bus services. The Racecourse station should be open. Note: the local Reading train stops at this station but if you are on a long distance train then you will need to alight at Newbury. 

Doors will open from 10am at Newbury Racecourse and we have some great traders, demo games and of course the bring and buy to keep you busy!

NEW - download the show guide in PDF format 

Sposored by: KR Multi-case

We are really pleased to announce the on-going sponsorship of KR Multi-case for 2018. Their generous sponsorship in 2016 and 2017  meant that we were able to give away some really excellent prizes in our tournaments.

Colurs 2018 is at Newbury Race Course
RG14 7NZ
Getting there

Visiting Colours a.k.a. navigating the Racecourse

​Newbury Racecourse has been massively developed in the last 12 months. There are now two entrances - the traditional entrance and the newer Hambridge Lane Bridge next to Nuffield Fitness. It is not possible to drive between the these two points across the race course as access is prevented by security bollards.

The main entrance to Colours will be on the A4 between Newbury and Thatcham. Look for brown signs to the racecourse. At the crossroads, drive south on the B3421, over the river and drive straight over the roundabout and over the railway. Turn right and drive around the Nuffield gym. Look for signs to Car Park 4 as you approach the racecourse stands.
The old entrance past Stroud Green will be open to Car Park 1. From there, follow the signs on foot to the Grandstand.
Traders must use the A4 entrance. Drive past Cark Park 4 and look for a marshal. Only vans, trailers and heavily-laden cars will be admitted.

Walking advice: if walking from  the Racecourse station exit the station on the Racecource side. Bear left and you should find an entrance from car park 4. If walking from Newbury Railway station then exit on the West bound side of the station. Follow the map - there is an underpass at the BurgerKing roundabout.

2018 Competition Games

Colours 2018 will feature the following tournaments;


Detailed competition packs will be added shortly

Entry to all competitions is £10 and pre-registration is possible. Paypal payments to [email protected] 
2018 Traders (updated 9th August)

Ancient & Modern
Anita Books
Baccus 6mm
Charlie Foxtrot Models
Colonel Bills
Conquest Games
Crooked Dice
David Lanchester Books
Deep-Cut Studio
Eagle Figures
em4 miniatures
Empress Miniatures
Firepower Games
Glenbrook Games and Painting Service
Great Escape Games
Gringo 40's
Ground Zero Games
Grubby Tanks/ Britania Miniatures
Ham and Jam
Heroics and Ros
Hysterical Games
Instant Armies
Magister Militum
Magnetic Displays/CoritaniMinibits/pendraken
Newline Designs
Parkfield Miniatures
Paul Meekins Books
PE2 Collectables
Plastic Soldier Company
Products for Wargamers
Rapier Miniatures
Second Thunder
SHQ Miniatures
The Dice Bag Lady/ Bad Squido Games
Tumbling Dice
Urban Construct
War Banner/Footsore miniatures/Sarissa Precision
Wargames Illustrated
Warlord Games
West Wind/ Forged in Battle1st
Art of War Shirts
ABC brushes
Barwell Bodyworks
Battlezone Miniatures
Debris of War
Dave's Wargames
Elite Wargames & Models
Essex Miniatures
Games of War
Helion & Company
KR Multicase
Lancer Miniatures
Last Man Last Bullet
Lesley's Bits
BoxMili-ArtMC Model Painting
Oakbound Studio
Peter Pig
Possessed Gaming
Sgt's Mess
The Last Valley
The Square
Tiger Terrain

Meet the traders
Demo and
participation games
2017 Demo games:

A Few Brits & the Hobby
Spectre demonstration

Abbott's Road Wargames
Boshin War 1868 - 28mm Sharp Practice

Adrian Shepherd & friends
World War I - 28 mm

Boscombe & Amesbury

Chris Wykes & friends
Blood & Bridges - Cold War 1/200

Crawley Wargames Club
Battlefront Tanks in 28mm

Romans vs Sarmations - 28mm

Friends Who Like Rapid Fire
Operation Goodwood - 20mm

League of Historical Wargamers
Battle of Santa Cruz - Guadalcanal 1942

Liverpool War Games Association
28mm Renaissance samurai skirmish

Loughton Strike Force
15mm Napoleonics

Maidenhead & District 
Rapid Fire - 20mm Modern

Maidenhead Reapers
North Africa - World War II

Naval Wargames Society
Raid on Zebrugge 1918  - 1/300

Newbury & Reading Wargames Society

Reading Independent Wargamers
Demon's Gate

Simon Miller & friends
To The Strongest

South East London War Games
Market Garden - 6mm

Southbourne Tabletop and Boardgamers

Tiny Terrain
The War in Chechnya - 28 mm skirmish

Wargames Association of Reading
Star Wars

Wessex Wargames
Retreat from Moscow - 40mm

West Wind Productions
War & Empire - 15mm Ancients demo

Wings of Glory Aerodrome

The B&B

Yes, we are running a B&B. This remains one of the most popular attractions of Colours and we're keen to make it run well. In previous years we've had feedback that you dont like long checking in queues and overflowing tables. As a result we are going to continue with last years process which seemed to work well.
Check-in is 20p per item and a 10% commission fee applies to all sold items. Full T&C will be published with the form but the usual statements of left at your own risk and if not picked up we assume you've gifted it us apply.
Checking in: 
We will run two checking in lines;

Queue 1 (by the wall, which will have tables so you can write the forms out, if you've not done it before hand) - a maximum of 2 forms per queuing session can be completed.
Queue 2 - For those that have fully pre-completed the forms - a maximum of 4 forms per queuing session will be accepted.
Put simply - if you want to put a large number of items on the B&B you queue more than once. 
What's allowed:
We'd love to take it all but there have been persistent issues with dumping items which have a low level of interest or are difficult to manage. Therefore:
Items which will NOT be accepted :-
  • no boxes of mixed books and magazines (A bundle of securely tied together magazines is ok as a single item) 
  • no 'multi-item' boxes - everything must be individually ticketed and priced
  • no non-wargaming material
  • single items that take up lots of space eg large magazine collections may not accepted. Check before.
 Some common sense guidelines on what does sell and does not sell, should also help:
  • old rules, particularly GW, and obscure RPG are hard to sell - please don't bring
  • old videos and even DVD - tend not to do well
  • made up plastic kits don't sell and are hard to display - again please don't bring 
  • items that take up a lot of display space - that 4' square castle may look good but in reality is nightmare to handle. Check before bringing
  • nicely presented items will have a better chance of selling, at a better price - i.e. a sturdy box and good labelling will go a long way 
  • if you think it won't sell on eBay for a good price then don't bring it - it generally won't sell well here
  • price to sell and have a best offer price 



Bring and buy
Download XLS form
Download PDF form